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Mike Tyson quotes can be the sources of some of the most controversial statements in sports history. Mike Tyson has never claimed to be a gentleman or a scholar and when you check out some of these Mike Tyson quotes you will see why that honorary degree from Harvard is probably not in the mail. Most of the best Mike Tyson quotes happen in the heat of the moment at a boxing press conference. But even when Tyson is given time to think, he still says some memorable quotes.

  1. “Fear is your best friend or your worst enemy.” Every once in a while, Mike Tyson quotes offer some philosphical value and it is important to include those along with the quotes that scare the hell out of people. Tyson’s nickname is “the baddest man on the planet” and when he was asked about that nickname he gave his feelings on fear. To Mike Tyson, fear is a necessity in all situations. It either inspires you to succeed or causes you to cower and fail. Either way, you have to deal with fear at some point.
  2. “I happen to be totally in love with myself.” Mike Tyson was asked in an interview to comment on why he was always in trouble. He explained that he has a higher level of arrogance than most people and that makes him feel like he can get away with just about anything. He is so arrogant that he is not afraid to admit that he is in love with himself. You read that right. Mike Tyson doesn’t just love himself; he is in love with himself.
  3. “I want your heart. I want to eat it.” One of Mike Tyson’s greatest rivalries was with British boxing champion Lennox Lewis. Lewis was always calm and collected at promotional press conference, but Tyson hated Lewis so much that he could not control himself sometimes. In one promotional press conference that turned into a melee on stage, Tyson started shouting insults at Lewis. This Mike Tyson quote is just one of the many ways that Tyson tried to psych-out Lewis. Considering Tyson’s history with trying to eat opponents (starting at the ears), we’d believe Tyson.
  4. “I just want to conquer people and their souls.” Nobody, not even the great Muhammad Ali, could hold a candle to Mike Tyson’s smack talk before a fight. Ali’s bouncy poems and finger pointing was no match for Tyson’s intensity and streams of violent promises. When Tyson was asked how he gets himself ready to take on an opponent in the ring, this was his answer. It pretty much sums up Mike Tyson’s attitude in one sentence.
  5. “I ain’t the same person I was when I bit that guy’s ear off.” Mike Tyson did several sit-down interviews with people like Barbara Walters. He was usually given a chance to show his human side and he was always given enough time to think about how he was going to answer a question. When he was trying to make a comeback after the ear-biting incident with Evander Holyfield, Tyson came up with this gem that not only shows that he pretty much is the same person he was when he bit the ear off, but he didn’t have the decency to refer to Holyfield by name.
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