Miley Cyrus Underwear Photo Scandal

Miley Cyrus's underwear photo scandal has more to do with who the actress and famous daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus is perceived to be than who she actually is. The scandal came to light after several different photos were circulated around various gossip sites of Ms. Cyrus posing in various forms of undress. The photo scandal became a scandal because the young actress made her name working for the Disney Channel as Hannah Montana. "Hannah Montana" is about Cyrus posing as a regular high school student by day and as rock star Hannah Montana at night thanks to a handy blonde wig that seems to disgiuse her about as well as Clark Kent's pair of glasses.

The Disney Channel has long expected its stars to maintain a squeaky clean image both on-screen and off. The Miley Cyrus underwear scandal was cirulated more because the Disney Channel had stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Jamie Lynn Spears who both had very public sexual exploits. Miley Cyrus's photo scandal was a bit worse because Miley was still underage at the time, meaning that her showing off her underwear to the general public has a higher creep factor. 

The Miley Cyrus underwear photo scandal, as well as other tight spots the singer and actress has gotten herself into, has severely tarnished her public image. AOL's "Just So You Know" ran a poll that asked its readers for the celebrities that were the worst influences on children and for the second year in a row, Cyrus won the top spot in 2011.

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