Miller Lite Beer: Quick History

The history of Miller Lite beer can be traced back to 1855, when the Miller Brewing Company was founded Frederick Miller who was born in Germany, but immigrated to the United States at the age of 26. Frederick Miller, who worked at Royal Brewing Company in Germany before moving to the United States, decided that his ideal location was Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin, which was populated by many Germans at the time. After Frederick Miller's death in 1888, Miller's sons and son-in-law took control of the corporation.

The history of Miller Lite beer itself began in the mid 1970s when Miller Brewing Company increased their variety of beers, and Miller Lite beer quickly became extremely popular. Instead of advertising Miller Lite beer as a diet beer, Miller Brewing Company put emphasis on the taste and calorie reduction of their signature light beer. In fact, Miller Lite beer is believed to have been the charging force behind the increase in light beer sales overall during the mid 1980s, when light beer sales took up about a fifth of all beer sales.

The 1986 slogan that is a major mark in the history of Miller Lite beer was the phrase, "There's only one Lite beer. Miller Lite," which announced the greatness of this popular beer and led to increased sales. Miller even tried to prevent other companies from using the word "Light" to describe their own brews, but the United States supreme court ruled that Miller Brewing Company did not have exclusive rights to the word.

The history of Miller Lite beer is also marked by Miller's continuing fight for a bigger share of the market, especially against its main market competitor, Anheuser-Busch. The outstanding success of Miller Lite beer, however, helped Miller Brewing Company increase their market share, yet Miller and Anheuser-Busch are still each others main competitors.

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