Minecraft Tutorial

Try out this "Minecraft" tutorial if you have absolutely no idea what you are doing in the game. "Minecraft" is an extremely game, focusing on world building, mining and staying alive. While the game is very easy once you figure things out, starting off knowing nothing is very unforgiving due to there being no real tutorial. This "Minecraft" tutorial will help you when you are starting out, giving you a basic overview on how not to be eaten by spiders during the first nightfall.

  1. Find wood. Wood is one of the most important resources in Minecraft. A ton of important items require wood, such as torches, picks and work benches. When your world loads, you should find a nearby tree and start punching it. Blocks of wood will pop out. To refine this into wooden planks, press I and put the wood in your crafting box and select the wooden planks. These planks allow you to build sticks, which are the base for all of your picks and torches.
  2. Making a crafting bench. A crafting bench is possibly the most useful item in "Minecraft." It allows you to build everything that requires more than four blocks of space. To make this, put one wooden plank in each spot of your crafting table. Take out the crafting bench and put it anywhere you want to work.
  3. Getting started with mining. "Minecraft" revolves around mining. To make a mining pick, put one stick in the center square of your crafting bench and then one below that. Now, put three planks of wood in the top row of your crafting box. As you can see, this kind of looks like a pick.
  4. Where to mine. You will want to start off by looking for charcoal. You can usually see charcoal in the sides of mountains; it looks like a block with block splotches in it. Mine this and make some torches by putting one lump of coal above a stick. After you get a nice amount of coal, you can go anywhere you like. It is recommended to start mining in a pre-formed mine, which are just big holes in the mountain or the ground.
  5. Surviving nights. Most people need a "Minecraft" tutorial to survive the nights. If you are not playing on peaceful difficulty, monsters will hunt you down and mess you up. You will want to make a shelter of some sorts as soon as night falls. A good thing to do is seal up your mine so no monsters can come in and just start digging in a downward slope. This way, you get raw materials while being safe from outside monsters. If this is not an option, dig a hole deep enough for you, seal up the hole and wait it out.

If you follow this "Minecraft" tutorial, you will quickly catch on to the basics of this game. Dig for resources, build anything you want during the day and beat up monsters.

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