Minute To Win It Games

The “Minute to Win It” games featured on the hit NBC game show “Minute to Win It” are fun, fast-paced tasks that are performed by using items found around the house. There are ten levels in the “Minute to Win It” game and each level is represented by a different task and a different cash prize. Players must finish their task in 60 seconds in order to win the cash and move to the next level. The ultimate goal is to complete the level ten challenge and win the million dollar prize.  

  1. Back Flip Back Flip is played with twelve unsharpened pencils divided into sets of two. The player begins by placing the first two pencils on the back of his hand. He flips both pencils into the air and tries to catch them at the same time. If he succeeds, he adds two more pencils and then flips them again. The contestant can't add the next two pencils until he successfully catches the previous amount of pencils. The game continues as the player catches two, four, six, eight and ten pencils at one time. He wins the game if he catches all twelve pencils at once before his 60 seconds run out. 
  2. Caddy Stack Although Caddy Stack looks simple, it has tripped up quite a few contestants on “Minute to Win It.” The object of this task is to stack three golf balls on top of each other before 60-seconds tick off the clock. If the balls fall, the player must try to stack them again. In order for the player to win Caddy Stack, the stack of three golf balls must remain standing for three seconds. 
  3. Tweeze Me Balance is the essential element in the “Minute to Win It” game Tweeze Me. Players begin the game by balancing a tennis racquet on its handle. Once the racquet is standing, the player must balance a tennis ball in the center of the tennis racquet head. After the ball is balanced, the contestant places a water glass 1/2-inch behind the racquet. The 60-second clock starts and the player must pick up a Tic Tac with tweezers. Without touching the racquet or the glass with the tweezers or his body, he tries to slip the Tic Tac through an opening in the center of the racquet and let's it drop into the drinking glass. The racquet and ball must stay standing for three seconds after the candy drops into the glass in order for the task to be successfully completed. If the racquet or ball falls, the player starts the task over again. 
  4. A Bit Dicey A simple popsicle stick and six die are all that you need to play the “Minute to Win It” game A Bit Dicey. Players insert a popsicle stick into their mouth before the 60-second clock is started. As the clock runs, the player picks up one die and places it on the stick; the die is not allowed to touch his nose or face. If the die falls off, the player must choose another die to put on the stick. Once the first die is in place, the player can pick up another die and put it on top of the first die. He has to continue adding a die until he's stacked six die on top of one another. He wins the game if he manages to stack and balance all six dice on the popsicle stick before time runs out. 
  5. Hanky Panky One of the easiest games on “Minute to Win It” is Hanky Panky. Players are stood next to a 160-count box of facial tissues. Once the 60-second clock begins, the player must use one hand to pull each individual tissue from the box. If his fingers enter the box, he is disqualified and he will have to start over again. The contestant wins the game if he manages to pull out every tissue before the clock hits zero.
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