Mixed Wrestling Holds

Whether you're a man or a woman, the mixed wrestling moves outlined in this article will provide you with everything you need to win your next match. Men and women have slightly different bodies. When participating in a mixed wrestling match, it is important to make sure that your wrestling moves are compatible with both sexes and will not cause any serious harm or injury.

  1. Sleeper: Perhaps the most well known mixed wrestling hold there is, simply get behind your opponent and wrap an arm around their neck. Lock around your other arm and use your free hand to push down on the opponents' neck and/or head.
  2. Keister Bump: This mixed wrestling hold starts out with the defender sitting down with their legs out. You come from behind, wrapping your legs around the waist of the defender. Lock your arms under and around your opponents' armpits and roll onto your back. This will move the defender up into the air. Once in this position, push your legs and roll upright, launching your opponent to the floor.
  3. Matchbook Pin: Get your opponent on their back. As you are standing over her, push her legs down so her feet are parallel with her shoulders. This mixed wrestling hold is called the matchbook pin because when done correctly, your opponent should resemble a folded matchbook.
  4. Grapevine Pin: Lay on top of your opponent, making sure he is on his back and you are facing down. Wrap your legs around your opponents' legs, starting around the waist. Grab his arms and you will have him pinned down. For extra discomfort, you can can slowly spread your legs out.
  5. Surfboard: Have your opponent lie face down on the mat. Grab hold of their arms and pull up towards you. Put one leg on their back and apply moderate pressure.

When executed properly, these mixed wrestling holds should cause discomfort, but never serious pain. Make sure you lightly practice these holds before using them in a match.

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