MMA Fighting Moves

Do you want to learn some sweet MMA fighting moves? Well, stand in line. Every man has a knack for wanting to put someone on their ass. MMA is one of the, if not "the", premier fighting sport. Learning MMA moves takes time though. You need to learn the basics of martial arts, boxing and wrestling to be a complete MMA fighter. MMA fighting moves consist of several disciplines and fighting techniques. Let’s get down to business.

Learning some strategy for MMA takes time and dedication. MMA Fight moves consist of the following:

  1. MMA Striking: This is the art of boxing as well as martial arts. Striking is the motion of hitting your opponent with your fist, elbow or knee. However, the forearm and shin are not off limits. Striking consists of stand-up: jabs, uppercuts, punches etc. and ground and pound: raining elbows, hammer fists and the like onto your opponent while they are on the mat. Striking makes up a big part of MMA moves.
  2. MMA Submissions: These MMA moves utilize wrestling and judo as well as other martial arts techniques. The idea here is to put your opponent in a position where thy can no longer function either through ‘putting the to sleep’ or in a position where if they do not submit they will be seriously injured. Such MMA moves in this category involve the arm bar (extending the arm in a straight but buckled backward position) and rear naked choke (placing your forearm around the opponent’s neck, cutting off circulation and air as your legs are wrapped round their midsection.
  3. MMA Other Moves: There are a myriad of things a fighter can do as far as MMA moves. The body slam, flying guard and liver shots are popular moves. The key to MMA fighting moves is to put your opponent at a disadvantage. A simple leg sweep can put them down and open the door for you to pounce on them while on the ground and move in for a submission. Other moves such as the flying guard put your body weight on the opponent and take them to the ground in your control. Practice and studying is the key to MMA Fight moves, both learning and mastering them.
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