MMA Vs Boxing Quotes

There have been a number of MMA vs boxing quotes after the two fighting sports went head to head a few years ago, as mixed martial arts was the new kid on the old, corrupt fighting block and the crusty boxing commissioners wanted to see if was really as tough as everyone said it was. There was also a lot of money involved, which is the most important thing for any boxing match to successfully operate in it's classic corrupt fashion. The two organizations pitted the relatively unknown boxer James Toney against the MMA champ Randy Couture and had the two brutes, ahem, athletes, square off in the octagon. Couture beat the piss out of Toney, not to anyone's surprise. However, this was only after Toney made some outstandingly hilarious comments about MMA versus boxing to the press, proving that boxers are at least still winning the promotional fight for their sport.

  1. "If Randy tries to grab me, I'll hit him so hard his grandparents will feel it." This quote is a little cheesy, as it seems like a line from an out take in "White Men Can't Jump" but it's still pretty funny in the context of these two dudes about to pound each other on pay-per-view.
  2. "After I knock-out Couture, if he wants he can get in there too. Dana White says he wants to make an example out of me, I make an example out of everybody else." One of the most complex MMA versus boxing quotes for a number of reasons. For one, Toney got absolutely pummeled by Couture, which everyone knew would happen, so this threat was still-born from the start. Second, Dana White, who is the commissioner of the MMA, could also beat the piss out of Toney, except he'd screw up his manicure in the process. Third, Toney is making an example out of "everyone else?" Wait, what? 
  3. "In MMA you have 28 fights, you're in the hall of fame. That's b***shit. In boxing, Randy Couture would be a bum." Again, Toney seems to be missing the point that these sports are different. And yes, MMA is tougher. The reason you're in the hall of fame after 28 fights in MMA is because you've been horribly beaten and injured over the course of those fights and have been paid dick, which is another major difference between MMA versus boxing. 
  4. "As soon as I touch him, he's going to sleep." This MMA versus boxing quote may be the best, because it's so, well, sweet. If by "sleep," Mr. Toney, you mean being knocked unconscious or not being able to think correctly intermittently over the next six months, then you are quite accurate. Because regardless of if you are talking MMA or boxing, there is nothing sweet about it, just violent, athleticism which is partly impressive, partly pointless and really fun to watch. And just to reiterate, MMA versus boxing is not a match at all. Couture proved it when he whipped Toney in less then a round.



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