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In addition to being traditionally cheaper than console games, one of the perks of purchasing a game for PC is that it can be modded, and, like other game's in the series, players can mod Battlefield: Vietnam, a PC exclusive. The game already features many unique character models and weapons, in part because of the unique setting of the game, but players can still add more depth to the game than ever with mods.

  1. Find and download a "Battlefield Vietnam" mod. Mods for "Battlefield Vietnam" can be found on many different sites, even if they don't specialize in modding, such as GameSpot or File Front. The types of mods range everything from different looking weapons to new game modes and maps. Once you find one you like, download the file and save it to your desktop.
  2. Unzip the packaged mod. By default, mods are compressed into a ".zip" file. This is to keep the required storage space to a minimum while also making the download process as quick as possible. After the file as finished downloading, unzip the file anywhere in your computer, preferably somewhere convenient for you to access it.
  3. Install the mod. "Battlefield Vietnam" is very mod friendly and makes installing any user-created content very easy. Open the unzipped mod file and double-click the ".exe" file. Follow the installation prompt until it asks for the directory to install the mod. Choose the "Mods" folder from your "Battlefield Vietnam" folder, which, by default, is located in "Program Files."
  4. View the "Read Me" file. Many mods in "Battlefield Vietnam" are loaded when the game starts, but some mods have to be activated manually from inside the game. Always read the "Read Me" file that comes with your mod. It will always tell you the proper way to activate or install your modification.
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