Modern Warfare 2 Easter Eggs

Want to know about "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Eggs? The "Call of Duty" series has had a long tradition of sneaking in secret eye candy for years now, however "Modern Warfare 2" has a deluge of Easter eggs to find. The "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Eggs appear all over the game, and the more found by the player, the more the player wants to find. The following list is the top 10 hidden "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Eggs.

  1. The blow up doll "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Egg.  Makarov’s safe house must be a lonely place, with all of those soldiers, and no women in sight, because in the bathtub, lies one of those soldiers dirty little secrets.
  2. The black foam rubber foot "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Egg. The team who made the game must have some strange things in their own bathrooms, because it seems that every bathroom in the game has some sort of strange "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Egg in it. This time it’s just a giant black foam rubber foot that just kind of sits there in the middle of the room.
  3. Teddy Bear "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Egg. Infinity Ward’s game makers do have a soft side. It’s not all about sex dolls, and weird foot fetish foam rubber toys. They love Teddy Bears! Teddy Bears appear all over the place through the whole game including a great sniping spot in the Hideout Map, as well as in a back alleyway in the Hornet’s Nest Map.
  4. Italian Plumber Princess Rescue "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Egg. In the Estate map, go to the building that’s next to the greenhouse. Inside the building you’ll find a stack of videogames, one of which is a reference to Mario Brothers, only instead of Mario, its called Italian Plumber Princess Rescue.
  5. Yet Another Blow-Up Doll "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Egg. The guys at Infinity Ward seem to be lonely because they keep putting sex dolls in the game. On the map called “Salvage”, go inside one of the buildings, go up the stairs and look at the beam on the ceiling. She’s up there, and she looks surprised.
  6. Don’t push the red button "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Egg. At the museum, after defeating the game, the living wax museum characters will swarm the player, and more than likely get killed, if you press that red button on the information desk.
  7. Russian and American Magazine "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Egg. While in the airport, letting those jerks just go off and kill the tourists, the player may feel free to go to the duty free convenience store, and see some very interesting magazines for sale. The same magazines can be found in English inside of the Nova Gas Station as well.
  8. Exploding Watermelon "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Egg. Unlike all of the other fruits that exist inside of the game, none of them have quite the energetic reaction of the watermelon to a gun shot. They splatter everywhere, and it’s always fun to take out a row of fruit in a store.
  9. Over Acting Chicken Death "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Egg. Along the way there will be a series of chickens in cages. Should one be so inclined to shoot the birds, they will be treated to a cartoony death throw or two. They clutch their chest and spin around before falling to the ground.
  10. Movie Poster "Modern Warfare 2" Easter Egg. All over the game, there are posters along the walls, and in various nooks and crannies. All of the people appearing on the posters are all the game makers working at Infinity Ward.
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