Modern Warfare 2 Glitches PS3

Listen up Call of Duty fans for the following "Modern Warfare 2" glitches, PS3 version! A 2009 first-person shooter (FPS), "Modern Warfare 2" is an award-winning title developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision. Since its release, "Modern Warfare 2" has been known for its smooth, streamlined approach towards the FPS genre, but sometimes noted for its uncommon glitches. Without further adieu, we present the following list of known "Modern Warfare 2" glitches on the PlayStation 3:

  1. The ultimate AC130. A fan favorite kill-streak reward, the AC130 has its own glitches. Getting stuck in permanent AC130 mode? That's possible. First, you have to go somewhere on the map where "prone blocked" shows up on the screen. Once the kill-streak reward is called in, open up the briefcase, go prone and then crouch. If you do things successfully, the game won't let you out of AC130 mode.
  2. I am the Omega! Ever thought it would be cool to survive a nuclear missile ("tactical nuke") in "Modern Warfare 2"? Well, now you can! Basically, you will somehow have to be in a final stand/last stand. From there, active an EMP and you will survive the approaching nuclear holocaust.
  3. Auto steady aim. In "Modern Warfare 2," holding down the R3 stick every time you need to snipe can get pretty annoying pretty quick. Instead, change your layout to "lefty mode," hold down the R3 stick, pause the game, choose the "default" button layout, go back to the main menu, let go of the R3 stick and then resume the game. If you did everything right, not only will you automatically sprint when moving forward in "Modern Warfare 2," but you will also hold your breath automatically when sniping.
  4. Strafe-jumping. Jump higher with this "Modern Warfare 2" glitch! First, you will have to have Lightweight and Marathon selected for your perks, then make sure "Care Package Drop" is selected for one of your kill-streak rewards. Secondly, earn four kills (or three with Hard-line) and get a care package marker. Lastly, hold the marker in your hand to strafe-jump wherever you like.

Because Infinity Ward is constantly-pressured to patch and 'seal' its acclaimed game from unfair advantages, actual "Modern Warfare 2" glitches are few and far between. The above "Modern Warfare 2" glitches still persist, and are nonetheless present in a wide variety of games to this day.

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