Modern Warfare 2 Glitches On Xbox 360

"Modern Warfare 2" glitches on Xbox 360 are infamous at this point. Some players love them, and some hate them. They are called glitches, but are also simply considered exploits. The developers of "Modern Warfare 2", Infinity Ward and Activision, have spent several years running around working to patch these things. But "Modern Warfare 2" glitches on Xbox 360 just keep popping up.

  1. One Man Army glitch. Basically, this one of the "Modern Warfare 2" glitches on Xbox 360 involves having infinite grenades for your launcher, a.k.a. Noob Tube. You start out by creating this class-Gun: Any gun with a grenade launcher. This will give you the One Man Army. You launch your 2 grenades, use One Man Army and change back to the class you just had. Presto. Your grenade laucher will be reloaded with 2 more. Rinse and repeat. You can hide out and shoot off grenades without ever being seen.
  2. Crane glitch. This one of the "Modern Warfare 2" glitches on Xbox 360 is used to get under the crane. First, you go to the part of the crane with the operation chamber part. You slide off  the side and fall, but then quickly press A. This should get you underneath the crane.
  3. Wasteland Bunker Wall glitch. You have to find the trench and the two mounted guns in this one of the "Modern Warfare 2" glitches on Xbox 360. Head towards the bunker from that trench. Right at the entrance there's this little wall that sticks out of the trench. You face the corner of it, and bunny hop into glitch land. This will put you in the bunker wall. You can't be seen by other players while you're shooting them. Fun.
  4. Veteran glitch. This one of the "Modern Warfare 2" glitches on Xbox 360 consists of tricking the game into giving you Veteran while playing on Easy. You need two separate save locations, as in the hard drive and memory device. Play the level on Easy until the last checkpoint. Save and quit. Change the storage device then restart on Veteran. Save and quit, again. Return to first storage device and continue the game as Veteran.
  5. Estate Wall glitch. The point of this is pretty much the same as the Bunker Wall glitch. Get on the moose head when you're in the cabin. Then ease your way into the wall. This one of the "Modern Warfare 2" glitches on Xbox 360 is another great way of picking off people without being seen.