Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Tips

Grab your controller and get ready to dominate with these "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer tips. Whether you’re on Xbox or Playstation, know how to down your enemies before they down you. "Modern Warfare 2" is the sixth "Call of Duty" title and one of the most popular first person shooters, with more than one billion dollars in sales. Tired of having a low K/D? (That's your kill-death ratio, to the uninitiated.) Getting shot every time you leave the gravedigger's house on Wasteland? Look no further: these "Call of Duty" multiplayer tips will help you go positive every time. 

  1. Create your own class. It's tempting to copy a class when you see a guy get 14 kills and no deaths in Search, but classes aren't a one size fits all. If the AK-47 bounces too much and you can't adjust, you're going to end up racking up deaths. Switch up your classes in multiplayer until you find out what works for you. It's not like you're restricted to one class — create one or two for the game modes you play the most.
  2. Hang back, at least until you have your bearings. If you don't know a map, don't charge out unless you're rocking Marathon, Lightweight and a submachine gun. Stick to the edges, scanning the map. That guy in the gillie suit? He's looking the other way; aim before you shoot.
  3. Start shooting as soon as see an enemy if he’s on the move. When you rush in "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer, equip Lightweight, Steady Aim and Marathon. You’ll aim fast, shoot fast and get increased hip-fire accuracy. Spot an enemy, start to fire, aim while you’re working the trigger. Bullets will be flying faster and enemies will fall, instead of having time to aim and fire at you.
  4. Change locations after a kill.  Unless you've found the best sniping spot in the world and you're sure no other opponent was close enough to see you, move just a bit after a kill. If you're in the back left corner, try the back right. Hop up on a desk. Hide behind different cover. Your location may have been revealed when you got your kill. Don't let an enemy teammate come and take revenge. 
  5. Start on Free for All or Team Death Match and learn to hide, aim, run and kill. Get the basics before you join objective-based games. When you’re playing Search and Destroy, you can’t just focus on killing your opponents – you must plant or defuse the bomb, too. Get a handle on "Modern Warfare 2" basics before trying more difficult game modes.
  6. Get to know the battleground. Load up a private match and run around with your favorite partners, naming parts of each map. It’s way more helpful to say “He’s at South Overpass” than “There’s someone shooting at me!” Lots of maps with labeled call-outs are available online, but try doing it with your team.
  7. Play King of the Hill once everything is named. One friend chooses a location, tells you and the other players, then everyone runs there and tries to kill him. The victor chooses the next location. Playing King of the Hill is one of the best "Modern Warfare 2" multiplayer tips; not only does it reinforce the call-outs, but it shows you the best avenues of approach and hiding places. 
  8. Talk. People clam up when they're shooting the bad guys and it doesn't help anyone. When you see someone, tell your team. If you're not playing with friends? Talk anyway. Back out when you find good players and invite them to party up with you. Eventually you'll have a team that communicates.
  9. Take your finger off the trigger. Check how your gun reacts to the trigger being held down; it bobs and moves. Accuracy fail. Pulse your finger on the trigger instead. If you can't seem to let up? Try Steady Aim and a rapid fire attachment.
  10. Choose your killstreaks wisely. If you never get more than three or five kills without dying, choose lower killstreaks. Change them when your skill improves and, in the meantime, enjoy your UAVs, Care Packages and Predator Missles. 
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