Modern Warfare 2 Soundtrack Song List

In many minds, the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” first person shooter video game still reigns supreme in that category; it has gameplay and production values second to none, including the “Modern Warfare 2” soundtrack song list produced by the legendary Hans Zimmer. Zimmer has composed music for more than 100 feature films with some of his best work done on the films “Gladiator,” “Black Hawk Down,” “The Dark Night” and “Inception.” To get him to produce the themes for the soundtrack for “Modern Warfare 2” as well as the main theme was a real coup as the music is outstanding. Lorne Balfe fleshed out Zimmer’s ideas and composed the other songs. Here are the best of the best from the “Modern Warfare 2” soundtrack songs.

  1. “Opening Titles” – This is classic Zimmer as the song uses hard electronics, strings and ethnic percussions.  The “Modern Warfare 2” sound could be described as a cross of the themes Zimmer set forth in his action films from the 1990s. The song is a mix of the sounds found in the movies “Black Hawk Down” and “Crimson Tide” and is an outstanding opening to the video game.
  2. “Contingency” – "Contingency" is the tenth track in the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” Soundtrack. It is played in the single player mission of the same name and also part of it plays when player starts a round as Task Force 141 member in multiplayer. The song relies heavily on percussion beats and synthesized music to build tension. It fits since “Contingency” is a sniper mission and very dramatic.
  3. “Infiltration” – This song is the sixth song on the soundtrack. It is heard during the single player mission “Of Their Own Accord” (the eleventh single player mission). It starts out with a quick, thumping beat that remains throughout the song. Strings and electronic reverb are added as the track continues with a rising and falling tempo and the occasional cymbal crash. It is a driving track that adds to the tension of the game.
  4. “Retreat and Reveille” – This is the eighth track on the “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Soundtrack.” It is heard during the "Team Player” mission. “Team Player” takes place in an urban environment in Afghanistan and the song has a definite Middle Eastern sound to it. It is a hard-driving song with lots of the ethnic percussions that Zimmer is so fond of.
  5. “Guerrilla Tactics” – This great track is the fourth on the “Modern Warfare 2” soundtrack. Percussion dominates this fast-paced song which can be heard on the single player mission “The Hornet’s Nest” which takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Much of the action of the mission takes place while traversing the rooftops of Rio and the song is the perfect accompaniment.
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