Modern Warfare 2 Weapons List

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons List

What use is a "Modern Warfare 2" weapons list  that doesn't state which weapons cause the greatest damage? After all, demise or your enemy is your ultimate goal. An accurate weapon is awesome, but limited damage leaves an enemy who can still battle. Maximum damage ensures your chances of advancing in "Modern Warfare 2."

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Ranger

Ranger shotgun. This weapon is the most accurate shotgun on the "Modern Warfare 2" Weapons List. Remember that the Ranger Shotgun only has a range of 100 feet. Any damage beyond that range is questionable.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Mini-Uzi

Mini-Uzi submachine gun. This weapon  proves useful in narrow spaces where ultimate damage and accuracy is important. The Mini-Uzi is one the weapons on the "Modern Warfare 2" weapons list that offers rapid multiple shots. This ensures a lethal kill.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons AK-47

AK-47 rifle. The benefit of the AK-47 revolves around its ability to be used in a single player game. In addition, not only is its firepower superior to most other rifles, it has a guaranteed deep penetration. Of course your aim depends on the amount of damage, so accuracy with this "Modern Warfare 2" weapon is important.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons M21 EBR

M21 EBR machine gun. This single fire weapon offers lethal damage due to its high fire rate. While virtual players are loading weapons, one accurate shot from the M21 EBR offers maximum damage.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons WA2000

WA 2000 machine gun. The benefit of this weapon is its fast recoil. If the first shot fails to kill, a fast recoil allows for a quick second shot. This weapon also causes the most damage to the upper torso and the head. However, the use of this weapon is not an option until after you reach the deep stages of the game.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons FAL rifle

FAL rifle. The FAL has the most damage for a rifle. It is single fire, so your first shot better be your best. It has a medium shot range, so using it for long range won't result in maximum damage results. However, the holographic site feature adds in long range potential of the weapon.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Magnum

Magnum Revolver. This weapon is only available after level 26, but is guaranteed to kill in as few as three shots. It's not a one shot kill weapon. However, its damage is lethal. The only drawback to this weapon on the "Modern Warfare 2" weapon list is that fact that its use in the game is limited. It's not available in the single player game, but while in level Museum, the weapon can be picked up for use off of the shelf or by killing General Shepard.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle pistol. This weapon on the "Modern Warfare 2" weapons list is the only other pistol with maximum damage capability. It has seven rounds, in case the first is unsuccessful. The fall back to the Desert Eagle pistol is its late entry in the game at level 62.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Intervention

Intervention machine gun. This is one of the weapons that comes with both a scope and silencer. In addition, its fast recoil and use of full metal jacket bullets, ensures maximum damage. Use the silencer as needed as it reduces the Interventions range and damage.

Modern Warfare 2 Weapons Barrett

Barrett machine gun. This single automatic weapon offers maximum damage at mid range distances. The mid range damage is increased by using the ACOG scope attachment. This weapon shows up early in the game, which is helpful.

By knowing which weapons from your "Modern Warfare 2" weapons list causes the most damage, you stand a better chance of being successful. Each new game update adds additional weapons, so keeping atop of "Modern Warfare 2" helps a gamer to succeed on the next release. The rest is up to you!

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