Mods For Battlefield Vietnam

After you complete the last mission, you may feel a bit empty inside and start searching online for mods for "Battlefield Vietnam". Luckily for you, there are quite a few mods available due to the immense popularity of the game. This guide covers some of the more popular mods available for "Battlefield Vietnam". All can easily be located using the search engine of your choice.  

  1. AI Extended Vietnam. Most of the mods for "Battlefield Vietnam" fall into this category. They are works of love created by dedicated fans that expand and improve on the original concept. In this particular instance, the programmer made the AI more intelligent and cunning to give veteran players a new challenge.  
  2. Arsenal. Fans of military history with a eye for accuracy will drool over the Arsenal mod. While there are many expansion pack type mods for "Battlefield Vietnam", this one seemed to have the largest team of weapons experts working on it. There are more than a 100 types of weapons and each one is rendered beautifully and operates with the same functions and malfunctions as the real deal.
  3. Xtreme Battlefield :V – Stunt Edition. Naturally, people grow bored with hyper realism and turn to the tried and true formula of over the top mayhem. This is one of those mods available for "Battlefield Vietnam". Rather than worry about realistic physics engines or performance, this mod uses C4 to blow your ride sky high. Perhaps not quite historically accurate but it is pretty damn fun.
  4. BFV Music mod. One of the more enjoyable aspects of "Battlefield Vietnam" was the musical score that reflected the age of the conflict. Naturally, some people hate hippie music and created their own musical mod for "Battlefield Vietnam". While not everyone agrees with the testosterone rock score and hip hop music this mod adds to the "Battlefield Vietnam" experience, it is still quite popular because it is pretty easy to hack and customize.
  5. Point of Existence. By far, the most popular of the mods available for "Battlefield Vietnam" is Point of Existence. Not only is the mod well thought out and fully developed, it is huge and even has an engaging plot to keep you entertained. Russia and America get involved in an oil rights conflict between Sudan and Kenya. The equipment and vehicles have also been modernized to reflect the styles of warfare carried out in 2005. By far the most in depth and engaging mod released for "Battlefield Vietnam". 
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