Mods For Jedi Academy

As well as normal gameplay, there are many mods for Jedi Academy. The Jedi Academy game comes in two different settings: the first stand point of a shooter or the third party stand point of a shooter. As a single player, you can choose the style of your character and what species you want to be. The light saber blades come in five different colors to choose from.

  1. Age of terror modification: With this modification you can enhance the amount of force behind your swing and how much damage your character can take. You have a better choice in the weapon selection and your clothes are darker hued.
  2. All enemies are Sith modification: Choosing this modification turns all the people your battling into Sith characters. Tavion then turns into Palpatine and all the other characters are replaced as such. This modification also gives you a better selection of species skin to choose from.
  3. Darth Maul as Jaden mod: This modification allows you to play through the game and then once defeated, come back as Darth Maul. Your Darth Maul character has better skin and tattoos to choose from.
  4. Deception: The character Phelan's trip to investigate a disturbance becomes a different path to a hidden story built in the game. A map appears that is quite detailed and well worth the view for the modification.
  5. Enhanced saber realism: When you use your light saber, it can withstand lightning strikes better and strike harder with less force. The light of the saber is changed to a better hue in the light stream.
  6. Jedi dojo: This modification allows you to fight in the Jedi temple's dojo setting with any character from the game. Think of this as pay back time for all the characters that made your mission difficult with no strings attached.
  7. Nina mod: Tavion's younger sister Nina is seeking revenge for her sister's killer. This modification gives you the benefits of better weapons and an enhanced map of the quest.
  8. Hyper weapons modification: Applying this modification enables your weapons to fire for longer and with more of a range. Cannon blasts can now take out entire ships.
  9. SP Count Dooku: Now you can play the game as Count Dooku. Your character has lighting force and has stronger mind control over clones.
  10. Yoda modification: If you've ever wanted to be Yoda in this game, well now you can. This enhanced and rebuilt version of Yoda has three times the strength regular Yoda has. Yoda also has the ability to withstand force strikes from higher Siths.
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