Mods For Star Wars: Empire At War

After you use the Death Star to crush the puny rebellion, it is time to start thinking about all the mods for “Star Wars: Empire at War.” Mods extend the gameplay and many would argue they better the overall experience. For one thing, incredibly enthusiastic fans spend years in their parents' basement fretting about what color a laser should be if fired from an ion canon in deep space. These dedicated folks have spent a lot of time and energy improving the concepts and expanding the plot lines. Here is a guide for some of the more popular and fun mods available for “Star Wars: Empire at War.”

  1. Ages of Star Wars: Jedi Civil Wars. It is stuff like this that should make George Lucas open up his vault of cash and hand it out to the fans. As far as mods available for “Star Wars: Empire at War” go, this one is for the historians. Yes, "Star Wars" is only a fictional concept of good versus evil, but it has spawned a ton of people who seriously ponder what life in the universe was like 4,000 years before the Luke Skywalker ever rode a tauntaun. This mod is all about warfare in the Old Republic and it is incredibly in depth.
  2. Spaceship Add On. Most of the mods available for “Star Wars: Empire at War” are like this one. Not so much epic adventures, but rather small fragments the fans felt were missing from the box release. This particular mod is all about spaceships and is just the sort of mod to make an old campaign feel fresh again. The fleets of the Rebels and the Empire get worked over with some new additions, weapon enhancements and the programmers even threw the pirates a few new additions.
  3. Absolute Enhancement Mod. After laying waste to the last rebel stronghold, the creative minds behind this mod got to work. They seemed to enjoy the box release but must have felt it was simply too tiny of a universe because they added more than 70 new planets. Most mods available for “Star Wars: Empire at War” concentrate on one aspect like ships or heroes, but these guys also enhanced the roles of the commander. Players familiar with this concept will instantly understand why it is now hyper important to take these guys out fast. This new concept makes the game ridiculously fun.
  4. Sith Padawan Mod. There are tons of mods like this one. Useless yet fun. Pretty much most of the mods available for “Star Wars: Empire at War” fall into this category. This programmer wondered what Sith interns would be like to control and was clever enough to make a mod for it.
  5. A Galaxy Divided. This is one of the most downloaded mods for “Star Wars: Empire at War” and with good reason. There is a ridiculous amount of things to do, equipment to use and destruction to be unleashed. Fans of Darth Vader will appreciate his tactical advantages on land and in space which makes a ton of sense if you think about it. Also, Emperor Palpatine's Death Star is now outfitted with not only one, but two super lasers. Yes, it is time to trample some freedom.  
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