Money Tattoos

Take a look at the money tattoos that you can get. Most of us really enjoy spending money. Some of us like money a bit more and go to the the tattoo shop to get a piece of artwork showing it. For those who would enjoy the look of wearing money on your body there are a lot of money tattoo ideas around. It's just about narrowing down the selection of what you want. Get some ideas on what kind of money tattoo to get.

  1. Show the money. A money tattoo for some men may mean getting a $50 dollar bill tattooed on their arm. For other a dollar bill tattooed on their back, leg or midsection. Get the tattoo real dollar bill sized or get your money enlarged.
  2. Money sign. If you have ever seen a dollar sign on paper and liked the way it looks,  now is your chance to get that as a kind of money tattoo on your body somewhere. Change the shape of the dollar sign or enlarge it to suit your personal taste.
  3. Words aren't cheap. Instead of getting a dollar sign or dollar bill, get the word, "millionaire" tattooed on your body even if it's not true to your financial status. There are other words to describing a financial status in general or just get a money tattoo that says "rich", or "loaded."
  4. Bags of money. This is almost self – explanatory. Get a bag of money tattoo and have a tattoo artist shade it in well. It looks all Richie-rich even if you just mean it for fun. It's still makes for a fun money tattoo to have done and admire.



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