Monopoly Drinking Game Rules

The Monopoly Drinking game rules will insure the inability to see straight. Monopoly, a game that encourages the great American dream. Working from nothing, and reaching a state of wealth. Well that or a drunken stupor. 

  1. Invite a group of friends. This is one of the most important Monopoly Drinking game rules. Make sure each friend brings their choice of liquor. It is better if there are many choices of liquor in the bunch. It allows for more drinks to be made.
  2. Set up the board. There must be a different drink selected for each color or property. In the middle of the board, place a larger mug or cup. Tax money, or rather, liquor will be placed in this vessel. Be sure to also include the community chest cards. Just to be fair, be sure the designated driver takes the role of banker. Who else could we trust with that responsibility. Now your ready to play the monopoly drinking game.
  3. Roll the dice. Monopoly drinking game rules are simple. What ever property your piece lands on, you must drink that shot. If you go to jail, you will have to drink along with all other players, matching shot for shot until you are able to return to the board. Every time a person passes go, everyone except that person must take a shot. This is a drink of their choice.
  4. Tax collecting is a little different. Instead of cash, you must pour part of your shot into the center vessel before consuming the rest. If you land on Parking, or are sent to free parking, you must drink all the collections in the center mug or cup

The last one standing, besides the banker, is the winner. So get a group of friends together, review the monopoly drinking game rules, and enjoy the night.

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