Monster Energy Drink Side Effects

Read about Monster energy drink side effects and decide if you really want to partake of its swiggable energy. Almost everyone has blasted off into the stratosphere with at least one of todays popular energy drinks, but just how safe are they? Check the following Monster energy drink side effects thoroughly and you be the judge.

  1. Monster energy drink, the energy side. Monster energy drink was designed with one thing in its creator's minds; to replenish lost body energy due to fatigue. Monster is consumed by athletes, students, or anyone who wants to increase stamina and performance, and it is successful at delivering both. By the way guys, don't go out and drink a can thinking its going to make you a last all night in the sack stud, it won't.
  2. Monster energy drink, the monster side. All energy drinks have side effects, and one of Monster's is its high concentration of carbohydrates (empty calories). These carbohydrates, if not burned efficiently will be stored on your keister as fat. Monster's excessive carbs also makes it difficult for your body to absorb food and needed nutrients into your bloodstream. There have been cases where the lack of nutrients being absorbed into the bloodstream have caused distress and gastro-intestinal problems. So if you get off easy after drinking Monster, you'll only end up farting it out of your system; great right?
  3. Monster energy drink, more side effects. If Monster succeeds in slowing your body's ability to absorb much needed nutrients, there is a great chance of the fluid absorption rate of your body slowing down also. This means, when you go to re-hydrated yourself with water after physical activity it will be absorbed much slower, leaving you at risk for serious dehydration; this is especially true for athletes. You will also eventually "crash" after you take off with a can of Monster.
  4. Monster energy drink, the serious side effects. The high sugar (carbohydrate) content of Monster causes a laxative effect (so if you try to slip a fart out in public you will probably crap you pants by mistake) Great right? Excessive consumption of Monster energy drink can cause severe health problems. The main ingredient in Monster is caffeine (a stimulant) which can and will cause insomnia as well as trigger high blood pressure and eventually heart disease. 

Drink Monster energy drink responsibly, if at all.

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