Mormon Dating Rules

The best Mormon dating rules are those dating rules that allow you to practice your Mormon faith without running afoul of any rules against promiscuous, wild or excessive sex. While Mormons may be conservative at least on social issues such as dating, surprisingly, the degree of social conservatism in their dating rules isn't really that much more than what you would expect from normal, everyday Americans.

  1. Chaste Courtship. The best Mormon dating rule is the Chaste Courtship, because it is one of the beginning steps in the Mormon dating life. First of all, Mormons are not even allowed to date until they are sixteen years old, but with many US teens getting into trouble like teen pregnancies, STD transmissions and unhealthy relationships based not on love but on lust, waiting until at least sixteen to date is an effective way of curbing the aforementioned problems. Chaste Courtship involves two Mormon lovebirds (one man, one woman) at a temple marriage where they make commitments to one another for all time.
  2. Don't Get Too Serious, Young Man. While people may expect Mormon dating rules to be the opposite of this one and in fact stress dedication to women, before the age of nineteen, Mormon men are in fact told not to get too serious about … any girl! The reasoning behind this Mormon dating rule is that young, Mormon men are expected to go on a mission at age nineteen, and for the two years of this mission, they are expected further to keep thoughts clean, not to flirt, and even keep an arm's length away from the evil temptation of women!
  3. Brief Affection for Non-married Couples. If you are dating a Mormon gal or if you are a Mormon inside of a Mormon dating relationship, you must know that you are not likely to get yourself some. That's because in the very gracious and conservative practices of Mormons, physical affection—as in getting laid—is looked down upon if it is outside of marriage. This means not only are you not going to get laid, but you are also not going to enjoy any passionate kisses. You can, however, learn all about the very cool concept of self-control!
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