Mortal Kombat Characters

"Mortal Kombat" characters are some of the most memorable dispencers of pain and carnage the world of gaming has ever known. Ever since their arcade debut by Midway, gamers flocked the machines to battle in the mix of "Enter the Dragon" meets "Big Trouble in Little China." These characters from the franchise have reached iconic status with their combination of martial arts mastery, homcidal tendacies and a splash of comedy to boot. Video game violence, in general, went to a whole other level with the inclusion of Fatalities as two warriors rip each other part to the joy of trashtalkers. The characters of "Mortal Kombat" stand out as pieces of pop culture seldom seen from the fighting genre since "Street Fighter II."

  1. Lui Kang. Part Bruce Lee, part Kwai Chang Caine, this Shaolin Monk is all business when he first entered the tournament to take down Shang Tsung. His original appearance did not involve any of the carnage like his fellow mates. "Mortal Kombat II" changed Liu Kang's character as he was dispensing as much bloodshed as the rest of them by turning into a dragon and feasting on their flesh. There's nothing hidden about this fatality!
  2. Shang Tsung. An ancient wizard gives Darth Vader and Satan a run for their money as the most evil character in "Mortal Kombat." The withered old man appearance hides a powerful menace who thirsted for souls and isn't afraid to unleash fireballs that make Ryu and Ken blush.  His secret for eternal life comes in the shape of a ten foot tall, four armed monstrocity called Goro who just happens to be the reigning champ.
  3. Sub-Zero. The ninja assassin's fashion sense may have been challenged with an all blue costume, but his morality is as cold as ice. His frost fireballs are the stuff of "Mortal Kombat" legend as he turns his opponents into giant-sized snow cones to beat up at his whim and mastery of ripping heads off with the spinal cord attached. His rivals are few and far inbetween that only a dark spectre from his past can only compete with his skill.
  4. Scorpion. A mysterious ninja emerges as the only character to truly match Sub-Zero in his deadly fighting style and total lack of fashion sense with yellow. The chained spear attack is as classic "Mortal Kombat" as the words "Get over here!" line he spouts to dish out punishment. His tortured character started with Sub-Zero killing him and his family so he returns from beyond the grave to destroy the icy ninja.
  5. Sonya Blade. This sexy siren is a special ops soldier who infiltrates the tournament to capture the villainous character, Kano, throughout the "Mortal Kombat" series. You figure the girl would look into a sniper rifle and a decent pair of handcuffs to take him out instead of deadly martial arts battles and chasing him into dark dimensions. Her kiss doesn't simply make hearts melt but sets your entire body on fire and reduce her opponents to a heap of charred bones.
  6. Johnny Cage. A struggling movie actor in need of new Hollywood agent after getting involved in this deadly tournament deserves special mention. "Mortal Kombat" cannot deny the charm and appeal of this character to the point where they had to resurrect him after dying in the sequel! He never hesitates to show why he is the dirtiest player in the game with a quick shot to the gonads at any given time.
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