Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks Cheats

Try out these "Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks" cheats to make one of the best cooperative games out there even better. "Shaolin Monks," like all other "Mortal Kombat" games, has quite a large array of cheats. These "Shaolin Monks" cheats will change the game a lot, be it through infinite experience or by unlocking a whole different game.

  1. Unlock "Mortal Kombat 2." This "Shaolin Monk" cheat unlocks the arcade game "Mortal Kombat 2." To Unlock "Mortal Kombat 2," you need to go to the Living Forest area in the game. Go to the area with four statues in it. Some of these will come to life and attack you. If you knock one of the statues through the nearby blue wall, you will unlock a secret area. In here, you will find the character Smoke. Completing all his missions will unlock "Mortal Kombat 2."
  2. Infinite experience in coop mode. This "Shaolin Monks" cheat will get both characters to max level, assuming you have the patience. To do this, you must go to the Living Forest area and find some golems. Kill off one of the golems. Get the other golem trapped in the corner. When it is trapped, both characters need to press one attack button without comboing. This will allow the golem to keep its shield, but you will still get experience points until you stop.
  3. Unlocking Sub-Zero and Scorpion. This cheat will unlock two of the more popular "Mortal Kombat" characters. To unlock these characters for use in the single-player missions of "Shaolin Monks," beat the game with both characters. Kung Lao unlocks Sub-Zero and Lui Kang unlocks Scorpion.
  4. Free health refills at any save spot. This "Shaolin Monks" cheat is helpful for when you are in a tight spot and need some help. Every time you activate a save point, you refill a small amount of health. Keep doing this until you have as much health as you want; you do not even need to save.



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