Mortal Kombat Vs Dc Fatalities On Ps3


Throughout the years companies such as Marvel and DC have cashed in on their characters and created video games featuring these characters. Eventually other video game companies decided to cash in on this same idea and a series of  "Marvel vs Capcom" games were released. These games featured not only iconic comic book characters but iconic video game characters as well. Soon enough it was possible to pit characters like Magneto vs the likes of Megaman and Samus Auron.

Many years down the line Nether Realms and DC comics caught on to the trend "Mortal Kombat vs DC" was born. Suddenly it was possible to have Superman fight Raiden and many other match ups. DC's super heroes are typically against killing, so they don't have the the traditional Mortal Kombat "fatalities," instead they have something called "heroic brutalities," however the superheroes aren't the only ones who have joined the Mortal Kombat game. Characters such as Lex Luthor and the Joker have also joined the party and let's just say killing isn't an issue for them therefore they have been given their own fatalities.

In this article we'll explore some of the super villain fatalities available in the game and how to perform them specifically for the Playstation 3 system.



Catwoman: Unlike her brooding boyfriend, Selina Kyle doesn’t have a problem with a little bit of bloodshed. In the same tradition as any other Mortal Kombat game in order to perform a fatality you have to get your opponent down to a miniscule amount of health to stun them. Once they’re stunned perform your fatality. Each character has two different fatalities, but in this article we’ll only focus on one per character. To perform Catwoman’s neck breaker press “forward” “back” “forward” “back” “circle.”



Deathstroke: This contract assassin and occasional Teen Titans villain has no problem with slashing and shooting until his contract is fulfilled and he uses his lead and steel in his fatality.  In order to perform Deathstroke’s gunshot fatality press “forward” “forward” “down” “forward” “triangle.”

Lex Luthor: This chrome dome and all time nemesis of Superman goes into battle using an advanced power suit that allows him to keep up with the likes of the super powered masses using his intellect alone. Luthor isn’t against using fire arms and high tech missile weaponry to even the playing field between himself, the Mortal Kombat fighters and the meta humans which he regularly fights. In order to perform Lex Luthor’s fatality “missile attack” press “up” “up” “up” “square” and watch your foe get peppered with deadly missiles.

The Joker: One of the most well known DC comic book characters, the clown prince of crime is completely unpredictable. His wild movements and humor gone wrong themed attacks make him one of Batman’s most dangerous foes and he certainly doesn’t have a problem with murdering his foes, even doing so with childish glee. To perform the Joker’s finisher “playing cards” press “forward” “back” “forward” “square” and watch your foe be slashed to ribbons by razor sharp playing cards.

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