Mossberg Rifles

What are the rifles Mossberg makes? Mossberg has been making quality firearms since 1918. Mossberg is perhaps best known to many people as making a quality shotgun line. They make a variety of fine rifles, as well. They making hunting rifles and plinkers in a variety of calibers and styles. This article will discuss them all.

Mossberg rifles include:

  1. 464 lever action. This is the classic lever action rifle. It is chambered in 30/30 and .22 rimfire calibers with various stock options available. The 464 has all the quality you would expect from O.F. Mossberg in a light fast handling package. With its button rifled barrel, drilled and tapped receiver, fully adjustable sights, and yep year warranty, this is a winner.
  2. 4×4 bolt action. This is a Mossberg's progressive bolt action rifle. The rifle comes in three stock versions, polymer, a rugged attractive gray laminate and a select black walnut. All the stocks come with cheek pieces, recoil pads and barrel vents. With caliber choices ranging from the .25/06 to the .338 Win. Mag. the 4×4 makes a great choice for any North American game animal. All barrels are fluted and come stock with a muzzle brake and other custom quality features.
  3. ATR bolt action. The ATR is the All Terrain Rifle, meaning this one was built for hunting rugged places. It comes with a rugged polymer stock in either black or camo finish for all weather use. With over forty different models, in five different calibers there is an ATR for you.
  4. Tactical .22. This one is Mossbergs take on the popular AR15 rifle with a twist; it is in .22 LR caliber. It comes in three different models with various options. Options include both fixed and adjustable stock versions, twenty or ten round magazines, and plenty of accessory rails to hang your favorite accessories. This one is fun.
  5.  702 Plinkster .22 rimfire. The Plinkster is a semi-automatic rifle in .22 LR caliber. It comes in a lot of different models with both polymer or wood stocks, in a wide variety of sizes and colors, including pink, to fit and interest shooters of all sizes and sex. Options include thumbhole stocks,  muzzle brakes and scope mounts. It is a very versatile rifle for any number of uses.
  6.  802 Plinkster bolt action. This the bolt action version of the Plinkster. Just like the semi-auto version it comes in a wide variety of stock materials, colors, including pink, and other options. This rifle has all the attributes as the semi-auto for those who prefer a bolt action rifle. It is a great all around rifle at a reasonable price.
  7. 801 Half-Pint Plinkster. This is one just for the kids. Designed specifically for young shooters in mind, the Half-Pint has a weight of only four pounds, a length of pull of only twelve and a quarter inches and an overall length of thirty-three and a half inches, just perfect for those smaller shooters. With an attractive real wood stock, blued single-shot action and fully adjustable sights its not short on features though. This is the perfect place to start your child, and with Mossberg quality, they can use it for theirs.
  8.  817 bolt action. This is a rifle built around a specific cartridge, the .17 HMR, the hot new high velocity round. It comes in thirteen different models with various options. Options include synthetic or wood stocks, blued or chromed barrels, various stock configurations, bipods, muzzle brakes and others. If you want a .17 HMR, there is one for you.
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