Most Common Places To Meet Women

For those that are not quite sure where to find them, here is a list of the most common places to meet women. Chances are that you occasionally go to one or more of these places. If you do then look around you when you’re there and you’re bound to find a female eventually.

  1. At a bar. Alcohol is widely known to be a social lubricant. It loosens the inhibitions and gets people talking more comfortably than they would while sober.  It is also scientifically proven to make you smarter and more attractive. That is why bars are one of the most common places to meet women.  Unfortunately, alcohol also severely clouds your judgment, so you might not be too happy with who you wake up next to.  Still, it beats waking up next to an empty bag of potato chips and the stains your tears made as you cried yourself to sleep.
  2. On the Internet.  Many men aren’t confident enough for the bar scene. That’s OK—it's why the Internet was invented. You can be anyone you want to be within the confines of a chat room or a dating website. The ladies might be a little disappointed when they meet you in person and you're 50 pounds heavier than in your profile picture, but there's always the remote possibility they'll still really like you for your personality.
  3. At work. Love blooms in unexpected (and often disgusting) places, so it’s no wonder the workplace is one of the most common places to meet women.  Those eight hours a day of flipping burgers or mopping up soda from a movie theater floor will seem much less soul-crushing if you get to have an occasional make-out session in the supply closet.
  4. At a supermarket. Yes, the supermarket is a great place to find people who share the same interests as you, whether you’re into luncheon meats, canned vegetables, or condiments. If you want to meet some women, try looking around you when you’re doing your weekly grocery shopping. You may be surprised how many ladies are there doing the same exact thing.
  5. At the gym.  Meeting women at a gym has two distinct benefits. First, you know she keeps herself in decent shape. Second, she'll know you keep yourself in decent shape. If the two of you are Jersey Shore shallow, then that might be enough for you. If not, maybe you can strike up a conversation while jogging on the treadmills and discover that you have more in common besides an exercise regimen.
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