Most Expensive Diamond Rings For Men

The best most expensive diamond rings for men exist exclusively for the purpose of proving that the big, fat, finger you're showing off is rivaled only by your big, fat wallet. After all, nothing says class, status and wealth like a huge diamond ring that you can wave around for the world to see. If you have the cash to drop thousands of dollars on these diamond rings, then, by all means, more power to you.

  1. Expensive Men's Diamond Rings Collection Piece 12.21 ct. This expensive diamond ring for men takes the top spot due to its enormously obscene price tag and the sheer brilliance of its appearance. For how much you would be paying for this, you could actually buy yourself a new car! At 26 grams in weight, this diamond ring for men features individually set diamonds insuring that their shining brilliance is brighter than ever. It can also be personalized and customized to indulge any taste you have.
  2. 18K Men's Designer Large Diamond Ring. At number two on this list of the most expensive diamond rings for men is this baby. At 18K, you get six carats of absolute sparkling, round-cut diamond goodness. At a weight of 27 grams, you can flash this diamond ring while the jaws of everyone around you drop in awe at the dazzling, polished gold finish. You can also customize this ring: choose which type of gold you prefer—it comes in a rose gold, white or a yellow finish.
  3. Men's Diamond Ring in Platinum. The least expensive diamond ring for men on this list, this platinum diamond ring comes with diamonds that have been specially shaped to be placed on its perfect and smooth, platinum setting. Bezel-set, the diamonds are of an SI1-SI2 clarity, so you know that when you wear this on proudly on your finger, you can expect people to nearly be blinded by the gleam. While this ring is less fancy than the two above it, its fine quality still makes it expensive. Not the most expensive, but most people won't know the difference anyway.
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