Most Expensive Iphone App

The most expensive iPhone app actually can be handed to a few. Mixing together the past and present, there are three apps that tie for the top spot. Here are more information on three of the most expensive iPhone apps that may be seen to date.

I Am Rich ($999.99). This app was, believe it or not, briefly approved by Apple. It did nothing, except inform one's friends that they were rich, according to the German developer. Reportedly selling eight copies, this "scam" was clearly marked in the app description  It remains an interesting story in the history of iPhone apps.

iVIP Black ($999.99). The iVIP Black app is also for rich people. That is one of the requirements in this UK service, where you must be a millionaire to take advantage of what it offers. For the one thousand dollar price tag, users can get a number of exclusive goods and services, such as private islands, penthouses, and VIP lounges, among other items. The company, iVIP Ltd., also sells the blue ($449.99) and red (Free) versions.

BarMax: California Edition ($999.99). Now with a New York edition, this app was the first from BarMax to target law students. For the California (and now New York, alternatively) bar exam, this expensive app gave 1,371 previously used multistate essay questions and 1,000 used essay questions for its users. In the world of bar exam preparation, BarMax seeks to fulfill an expensive need with this "deal." There are reported plans for other state versions as well, as these well-received apps from BarMax tie others at the $999.99 price mark for the most expensive iPhone apps.



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