Most Expensive Private Jet Planes

If you have a spare 40 to 60 million dollars, you can afford one the hottest rich-guy toys on the planet – one of the five most expensive private jet planes. You can cruise the blues in style, do a little continent hopping and maybe buy your own island with the money you save on commercial flights. Of course, parking could be a problem, but you could always build your own hanger on your gazillion dollar estate.

Before that money burns a hole in your pocket, let’s take a look at your choices. Keep in mind though, the prices listed are as of 2007. Prices have sky-rocketed since (no pun intended) with the lowest priced Dassault Falcon listing in 2009 for $50 million, so be prepared for some upgrades and added zeros before whipping out that checkbook.

  1. Gulfstream G550 – $59.9 million. Not only is this baby the Rolls-Royce of private jets, but it even sports not one, but two Rolls-Royce BR710 engines. It can travel over 6,700 nautical miles in style and comfort at Mach .0885
  2. Boeing Business Jet 2 – $55.5 million. This 737 can go over 6,000 nautical miles on one fill-up. However, the $55.5 million dollar price tag is the stripped-down version. Customization is going to cost you more.
  3. Bombardier Global Express XRS – $47.7 million. This puppy tops out at Mach .085. With a cabin height of 6’3,” even your old high school basketball team would be comfortable in here.
  4. Gulfstream V-SP – $45 million. Can’t afford a Gulfstream 550? The Gulfstream V-SP was its predecessor. You’ll only be able to go 5,800 nautical miles with this little toy, but what’s 900 nautical miles between friends? You’ll also have to drop down to 2 Rolls-Royce BR710A1-10 engines for a little less oomph, but you can still hit that Mach .0885 speed.
  5. Dassault Falcon 7X – $41 million. For the bargain-hunter rich guy, the Dassault company has been building Falcons for private owners and businesses for years. The 7X tops out at 953k/hr, so you’ll give up a little speed. You’ll also only be able to fit fourteen of your closest friends, rather than the nineteen passengers the other jets can hold.
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