Most Popular Dog Breeds

When considering what type of dog to bring into your home as a member of your family, it can be helpful to consider looking at a list of the most popular dog breeds out there. Looking at a list of the most popular dog breeds can help you to determine what breed of dog you are interested in, regarding temperament, breed history, health, lifespan, ability to be trained and overall appearance. Dogs are very diverse, so make sure to research the many different breeds.

  1. Labrador retrievers are medium-sized animals that are known for their gentle and loyal demeanors, and also for their intelligence. The popular Canadian dog breed is prized for its affectionate and patient nature, and also for its ability to get along well with small children. Labrador retrievers appear commonly in three different colors, which are chocolate, yellow and black. Rare gray Labrador retrievers also exist, but are much harder to come across.
  2. German shepherds are strong dogs that are commonly seen "employed" as military, guard and police dogs. German shepherds are also one of the United States' most popular dogs. The popular dog breed is native to Karlsruhe, Germany, and has a fun-loving and high-spirited temperament, full of energy. Frequent exercise is necessary to keep German shepherds healthy and happy.
  3. Yorkshire terriers are tiny and fluffy toy breeds that are native to Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom. Yorkshire terriers' coats appear in tan, brown, steel blue and black. In terms of temperament, the easily trained dogs are laid-back and can adjust with relative ease and speed to brand new environments and people. Yorkshire terriers are considered to have clever, brave and very energetic behavioral traits.
  4. Beagles are another one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, perhaps due to the beloved Snoopy cartoon character. Beagles are strong hunting animals that are characterized by their short fur (which is very low maintenance) and their relatively compact builds. The dog breed appears in a variety of colors, which include white and lemon yellow, tan and black, white and red and white and orange. Tri-colored varieties of beagles also exist.



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