Most Stressful Jobs

What are the most stressful jobs? With the US economy still in a standstill, employment seems to be at the forefront of everyone's mind; mostly that of unemployment, which managed to creep back up to 9.1 percent during the summer of 2011. But in the midst of the tough economic times, are there jobs in which stress can be too much, even for the most dedicated worker?

  1. Real Estate It should come as no surprise that being involved with real estate during the economic downturn was like having a target on your back. As the housing bubble crashed and homeowners were confronted with high mortgages, real estate agents everywhere found it difficult to sell houses; this is especially true for those states and cities in which the real estate market was a huge contributor to economic stability.
  2. Stock Brokers With the bank bailouts, it may not seem as though stock brokers should be particularly worried about anything. However, in both good and bad markets, stock brokers are expected to deliver good results to their clients. As with any financial manager, stock brokers are in charge of their clients' money and when the market goes south, the stress to keep their clients afloat can be hard to take.
  3. Construction As with the real estate market, being in construction took a huge dive with the recession. While many would consider construction to include those who are building buildings or houses, this area covers a wide variety of tasks, such as architects, designers and landscaping. As people stopped buying houses and the demand for building halted, it left many in this environment looking for work in a market that didn't have any.
  4. EMT/Medical EMTs are responsible for the fast response needed in order to care for someone who has been involved in an accident. The stress involved with this career can be doubled in the case of a major emergency, such as a flood, earthquake, hurricane or any other disaster.
  5. Pilot Occording to Career Cast, the number one stressful job for 2011 is that of an airline pilot. From the stress that comes from piloting during an emergency to the recent alligations tha air traffic controllers have been sleeping on the job, the duty of a pilot is not just to fly the plane but to ensure that everyone onboard survives often routine flights.

The most stressful jobs are those where it seems as those no break can be seen. Some of these are due to the nature of the job itself, but for others the economic downturn has made doing their job—or not doing their job—a bundle of stress that is hard to escape from.

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