Mother Son Dance Song Ideas

Mother-son dance song ideas are needed for occasions such as weddings and graduations. A mother-son dance song idea is a way for a son to publicly thank his mother for all of her support and help throughout the years. Take your time when considering mother-son dance song ideas and be sure to make the right choice.

  1. "Thank You" (1969) – Led Zeppelin. This heart-felt rock ballad can be difficult to dance to in a couple of spots, but the emotional performance by the band makes it worth it. A Led Zeppelin classic that is appropriate for a wedding or graduation. Any time you want a mother-son dance song idea that thanks your mom for everything, then use this song.
  2. "Mother's Pride" (1990) – George Michael. This emotional song about a mother's love was very popular during the 1991 Gulf War. But it does just as well as a mother-son dance song at any occassion. The lyrics are especially powerful and become more moving when set against the piano accompaniment.
  3. "A Song for Mama" (1997). This Boyz II Men classic recalls everything that a mother does for a son during the course of his life. The steady beat makes this a mother-son dance song idea that any mother and son can dance to and remember the past.
  4. "Anyway" (2006) – Martina McBride. This song is more about meeting the challenges of life and going for your dreams. But it becomes the perfect mother-son dance song idea because of the undying support a mother gives a son throughout his life.
  5. "Do I Make You Proud" (2006) – Tracy Ackerman / Andy Watkins / Paul Wilson. American Idol winner Taylor Hicks made this song famous, and it stands as one of the best mother-son dance song ideas ever written. It is an ode from a son to his mother thanking her for all she has done and then making sure that he made her proud.
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