Mothers Day Banquet Ideas

Looking for some Mother's Day banquet ideas? Each year in May, people scramble around trying to find ideas for Mother's Day. Many churches and other organizations like to throw a Mother's Day banquet to honor all of the mothers in the group. This is a wonderful tradition that gives the moms something to look forward to all year long. At most of these Mother's Day banquets, dinner is served to the mothers and the other attendees. In addition to dinner, there are typically games and activities for the moms.

  1. Have a purse scavenger hunt. Have all the moms search their purses for items such as photographs, used tissues, lipsticks and anything else you can think of. The moms who have the most items in their purses would win a prize.
  2. "Famous Mothers" game. Prepare sticky notes with the names of famous mothers, such as Mother Nature, Mary or even sitcom moms. Stick a note on each mom's back and have them all mingle with one another. The first mom to discover her own identity by asking questions to other moms is the winner.
  3. Recipe swap. Have all the moms bring a family recipe to the Mother's Day banquet. Let each mom swap recipes with other mothers in the crowd. This is a fun ice breaker to get things started at the banquet.

All moms at the Mother's Day banquet should be given either a single flower or a corsage to wear. These banquets are a wonderful way to honor the mothers in a group and make them feel special.



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