Mothers Day Church Banquet Ideas

When you are planning for a Mothers Day for your congregation, you'll want to learn about these Mother's Day church banquet ideas. Since Mother's Day always falls on a Sunday, you are given a great opportunity to celebrate the day with mothers of the church every year. Make it a special and unique celebration each year. Some churches opt to have the dads of the church offer to watch the children to give moms an afternoon off, and others opt to make it a family day, with other family members promising to wait on the moms hand and foot. After the Sunday morning church service for Mother's Day, consider these banquet ideas to help Mother's Day be all the more wonderful for the deserving mothers of your community.

  1. Create a theme for your church banquet. It should be a theme that celebrates mothers and honors the faith of your church. For example, you may opt to have a "God Bless Mothers" event. Other themes could be to celebrate survivors if any mothers of your church have overcome a disease or severe adversity. "Blessings of Motherhood" could be another banquet idea, during which you look at the positive aspects of motherhood, something that people often neglect in their Mother's Day celebrations.
  2. Make all of the dishes at your Mother's Day church banquet "Prepared by Men." Moms should all be given the day off, even the leaders of the church. The church leaders should coordinate with the fathers and men of the church to prepare the favorite dishes of the mothers for the banquet. One way to coordinate this is to ask the mothers to write down their favorite dishes during the previous weeks' service. Then ask the men of the church to stay after service for a meeting to sort out all the details.
  3. Decorate your church banquet with pinks and violets for the Mother's Day banquet. Keep Christ in your church celebrations, though. Although this is a day for the mothers, you want to keep it focused on faith as well. A banquet that's decorated beautifully should also have scriptures written in the same colors that match the other decor of the room. You can make this a project for the kids even. At Sunday school, the children can decorate a poster with the verse from the Bible that they think best represents the love that their mother feels for them or that they feel for their mother. Turn to Psalms and Proverbs for some helpful suggestions.
  4. Have the children from each family stand to give an award to their mother at the Mother's Day banquet. This should be prepared at the Sunday School in the weeks' prior to Mother's Day. The children from each family should get together and decide what award their mom truly deserves. Try to get the children to be more original than only "Greatest Mom of the Year." Although that's always appreciated, an even more personalized award will be treasured. For example, if a mom always makes an effort to listen, part of her award should be as "Greatest Listener." Calling attention to the things that her children truly appreciate and notice about her will make her Mother's Day truly amazing.
  5. Have the moms escorted out of the church after the banquet to a special spa day or other event, while the dads and children stay behind to clean up the church after the Mother's Day church banquet. The church leaders should encourage the continuation of the Mother's Day celebration all day long. The church can help mothers be even happier by showing them how amazing and appreciated they truly are.
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