Motocross Racing Gear Essentials

Motocross racing gear essentials are all about protection and durability. Motocross is an adrenaline rush and its even more fun when you are racing. Having the right gear can make or break a race for many riders. 

  1. Helmets. In motocross racing gear, helmets can't be emphasized enough. Having the proper helmet can be a matter between life and death. Some important things to remember about wearing a helmet is that its most important job is to protect the rider. Some of the best helmets have full protection of the skull. They usually have very durable visors with ample peripheral vision. The best helmets are designed to be lightweight, as well as, aerodynamic. 
  2. Riding Boots. Good riding boots are essential gear in motocross racing. They don't necessarily need to be high tops, but its usually preferred by most riders. They should have many straps along the sides in order to keep them fitting comfortably and securely. The bottoms of the boots are made to fit the rests on the peddles so it takes little effort to keep balance. The sole should also have a great grip and the capacity to still be lightweight. 
  3. Apparel. From racing jerseys to jackets to gloves and pants, motocross apparel is all about being lightweight. The rider needs to have the ability to move during a race and it is essential to not be encumbered by clothing. Whichever style you may have, the fit and feel are the most important things to consider. Be sure to find apparel that is made up of flexible materials like Nylon.
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