Motocross Racing Tips

If you are interested in racing motocross bikes, then you need to know some motocross racing tips. These tips will not only ensure that you do well in your motocross racing career, but also that you have as much fun and are as safe as possible during your motocross excursion.

  1. Always check your motocross bike before and after a race. There are a few different reasons why you should keep a close eye on your motocross bike. A poorly kept up bike won’t only cost you money to fix it, but it may also cost you a race. The best way to think of it is that if your engine on your bike has to work harder just to run, it will take power away from your engine, essentially slowing you down.
  2. Always check out the track that you are set to do your motocross race on. Getting a good idea of what kind of track you are dealing with will at least help you to mentally prepare for what you are in store for in this particular race.
  3. Keep an eye out for problems and take note of them in your mind; look out for sharp turns and also oddities such as a hill that lands directly into a turn that could throw you off.
  4. During motocross racing, make safety your number one priority. While winning a motocross race is important, keep in mind that you need to remember all of the safety aspects of the race so as to not get yourself killed. The most important things to remember are to wear all safety equipment (helmet, pads and others), watch out for other races, and don’t take turns and hills going faster than you can control on your motocross bike!



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