Motocross Training Workout

You're going to need a good motocross training workout if you want to be the best man or woman on a bike out there. While there are many motocross training workouts out there, what you need is something balanced yet focuses on the core parts of your body. This motocross training workout is guaranteed to give you better results when you're on your bike so that you can win every race imaginable.

  1. Arms. Incorporating your arms into your motocross training workout is one of the most important things you can do. They help you brake, pump for speed and generally control your bike. Pull-ups, dips and dead lifts are all amazing ways to strengthen your appendages and keep them in the best shape possible. For the best results, be sure to work out your arms at least twice a week.
  2. Legs. The legs are also essential to your motocross training workout. Using a leg press and doing squats with and without weights are great ways to turn your legs into tree trunks, giving you more control over your bike. Be sure to do these at least once a week, spacing it out so that you don't work your arms and legs within the same session.
  3. Cardio. The staple of any workout, cardio is the key component to your motocross training workout. You should be running every day, especially before and after every workout session. This will help keep your blood flowing and trim all the fat off your body.
  4. Cross-training. You've heard it before—you can use other sports to help you train for motocross. Biking, swimming and using a rowing machine are all great ways to work out every single muscle in your body, especially the ones involved in motocross. Get yourself a complete motocross training workout by mixing it up with some other sports.

This motocross training workout is best spread out over a five day period, making sure to rest for the other two days of the week. Remember, all the motocross training workout tips in the world become useless if you get injured, so be sure to give your body enough time to recover between sessions.

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