Motorcycle Building: 10 Tips

If you're interested in motorcycle building, here are 10 tips. Many people actually want to build their own motorcycle, so that they can design and customize it every step of the way. It is possible, and here are ten steps to help you:

  1. Have the dedication. This isn’t going to be a weekend project; it’s going to take some time.

  2. Have your own garage or large space in which to work. You want to have plenty of room where you can make as big a mess as you want to, or keep things as organized as you wish.

  3. Know at least the basic parts of a motorcycle: chassis, frame, wheels. These are the most important pieces, around which the rest of the motorcycle building will revolve.

  4. Know something about engines. You will need to know which size is right for the size motorcycle you are building.

  5. Consider buying a kit. Yes, they sell motorcycle kits. These come with all the parts, as well as instructions.

  6. If you think that motorcycle building with a kit is not actually building, then you will want to find a good junkyard or auto salvage place for your parts. This will save you money, and, if you cultivate a good relationship with the owner, he may give you a “heads-up” when the parts you’re looking for become available.

  7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Motorcycle building can be tricky, and you want to make sure your motorcycle will be safe for riding.

  8. Buy, borrow, or rent a full set of tools, including wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and whatever else you think you may need. It is best to go ahead and invest in your own set, but if you have to borrow or rent, remember to return them in the same condition in which you got them.

  9. Have your motorcycle checked out by a certified mechanic BEFORE riding it for the first time. This is important, to prevent injury to yourself or others.

  10. Don’t be afraid to start over if you change your mind in the middle of your motorcycle building or if you mess up. After all, it’s your machine, and you want it to be just right.

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