Mountain Climbing Terms

Want to learn the best mountain climbing terms? There are a lot of different terms that mountain climbers use.  Some terms are way more important to learn than others when first starting out in mountain climbing. There are also a lot of technical terms that are used to describe equipment because some types of mountain climbing require gear. Terms are also used to explain the different types of terrain that climbers climb on or what type of climbing they are doing. It is not necessary to know all of the terminology right away. A lot of mountain climbing terms are just learned and understood with time and experience.

Mountain Climbing Terms

  1. Approach: The beginning of a route.
  2. Ascent: Basically means to go upwards by either hiking or climbing.
  3. Bail: To retreat. This is used in serious situations.
  4. Belay:  A technique used to help a climbing partner to ascend or descend.
  5. Classification: This refers to the grade of the climb.
  6. Descent: To go back down a trail climb.
  7. Falling: This is yelled out when somebody is falling.
  8. Leader: The person who is in the lead.
  9. Rappelling: This is a form of descending from a climb and considered very dangerous. 
  10. Three Layer System: This is the best form of dressing for a climb. There is a base layer, insulation layer and the outer shell.

Other Mountain Climbing Terms

There are actually a lot of mountain climbing terms as well as plain climbing terms that can be used in conjunction with each other. Mountaineering usually requires some form of climbing and the need for use of gear. Here are some gear and terrain terms that are good to know:

  1. Aid Climbing: Climbing that requires gear to go up or down.
  2. Arete: Used to describe the edge of a ridge.
  3. Carabiner: Used for protection and for threading rope through to anchor to something.
  4. Crevasse: A fracture in glacial ice caused by tension.
  5. Crux: The hardest part of the climb.
  6. Fall Line: The fastest way down a climb.
  7. Knots: There are a lot of knots used in climbing. The figure eight is the most common and easiest.
  8. Rope: A very versatile piece of equipment and needed for most types of climbing.
  9. Traverse: To move laterally across an area.
  10. Summit: The top or end of the climb.
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