Movie Drinking Games: 5 Best

These 5 best movie drinking games are fun because we’re American, dagnabbit! We love movies, we love our friends, and we like a nice buzz floating over all that to enhance the feeling of fellowship and general camaraderie. Also, we like lists. Please note that the usual disclaimers apply-drink responsibly, be smart, plan accordingly, and so on. That said and without further ado, here are five of the best movie drinking games invented so far.

  1. Keyword Movie Drinking Games. Careful selection is the key (heh) here, as it is in all the games that follow. For this movie drinking game, you need a movie with an oft-repeated phrase. The rule is that everyone drink whatever your agreed upon amount of drinkage is every time the keyword or phrase is uttered. A sip, a swallow. Don’t go all chug-a-twelver though. It’s just not good sportsmanship.  “What About Bob” is a good choice for this movie drinking game as are “The Big Lebowski” and “Hackers”. Keywords in respective order might be: "Bob", "dude", and "hack". It’s oh so tempting to go with another word for “The Big Lebowski” but, DUDE, have you really counted? Somebody could get hurt!

  2. Background Music Movie Drinking Game. Or its cousin, the Day/Night drinking game. They both play out basically the same. Have a swig for every major shift in background music (or background sound-say from music to traffic, crickets, silence, whatever) or any dark/light shift. This drinking game is intensified by watching the movies on commercial channels because the commercials will count unless you specify otherwise pre-game. If you’re going to discount the commercials, make that clear before the movie starts. Otherwise, you're toast(ed). It’s generally ok to add take-backs midway through or better, though. Add-ins are frowned upon so don’t even go there unless the buzz factor is very small. Adjust accordingly, if that’s the case.

  3. The Horror Movie Cliché Drinking Game. This can be as complex or simple as you and your mates decide. Choose what constitutes a drink and what constitutes a cliché then imbibe when the standard clichés pop up. It's fun to allow discussion about actions that can be deemed reasonable and thus exempt (but only if the vote is unanimous–majority rules, dissenters drink). All obvious groaner clichés require a drink regardless. Be careful selecting the movies for this game or it'll be over in about fifteen minutes. Go for certified grade A horror if you can. Go for C grade if you’re plotting something sinister, but you’re on your own with that and legal disclaimers apply and whatnot. It’s just a game; it’s supposed to be fun. Play nice!

  4. The Evil Dead Drinking Game. This is probably the most simple movie drinking game of all. You need “Evil Dead 2” and “Army of Darkness”. Throw in the first movie if you want to ramp up slow. Rule is: Drink every time Ash gets hit in the head. Inebriation ensues. Or hilarity. It's a win either way.

  5. Coen Brothers Movie Drinkapalooza. Choose any two Coen brother movies. But for the love of whatever you love best, make it only one movie if "The Big Lebowski" is among your choices. That's a game unto itself and it just ain't fair (or safe, even) to pair it.  Better to go for a pairing like "O Brother Where Art Thou" and "Raising Arizona". There's plenty o'fun to be had with these simple rules: Any reference to pomade, any time Ulysses Everett McGill touches or otherwise refers to his hair, any time H.I. narrates, any time a convenience store shows up. How you pair the movies in this drinking game determines the speed of the game. You can plan for hours of play or a quickie. How the ladies perceive you afterwards is none of our business.
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