Movie Drinking Games

Movie drinking games can be a lot of fun. Or, depending on the rules, they can be a quick ticket to the land of unconsciousness. The rules of most movie drinking games are pretty simple. Whenever a certain something happens (like any character says a particular name) you have to take a drink or two of some kind of alcoholic beverage. (It just wouldn’t be as much fun with lemonade.) Some movie drinking games might get specific about the kind of drink it has to be, especially if that drink has a “prominent role” in the movie. And the rules might get harder and harder to remember as the game goes along. But it’s all in good fun. And part of the fun is making up your own rules for your favorite movies. But here are some movie drinking games for some well-known movies to get you started.

  1. Dazed and Confused. This is a movie all about drinking and doing…other things mom and dad wouldn’t approve of. So it’s the perfect movie for a drinking game. And here are some rules to kick things off. Take a drink every time a main character takes a drink or talks about marijuana. Take a drink every time any character says, “Man.” We’ll see how long you last. 
  2. Lord of the Rings. These rules apply whether you are watching one movie in the series or the entire trilogy. Take a drink every time someone talks about food. (It will probably be a Hobbit.) Take another drink anytime the words, “Mount Doom” or “Mordor” are spoken.
  3. Psycho. This might seem like a strange pick for a movie drinking game. But if you’ve seen this classic a dozen times or more, a drinking game will help you see it with new eyes. Take a drink every time someone is murdered. Take a drink every time the screeching violin music begins to play. Take a drink every time you see a stuffed bird. Take a drink whenever Mother speaks. Take a drink whenever someone says, “Norman.” (If it's Mother who says it, take two drinks.)
  4. Friday the 13th. This one of those movie drinking games that can be tweaked to fit many different movies. In fact, any horror movie that stars a somewhat famous baddie, be it Jason, Freddie Krueger or Michael Myers, will work. Take a drink any time someone says the main baddie’s first name. Take two drinks any time someone says the main baddie’s full name. (Like Jason Voorhees.) Take a drink every time someone is killed. Take two drinks any time someone is killed without a knife, machete, axe, ice-pick, or anything else traditionally used for slashing and stabbing. You can decide for yourself whether things like chainsaws and nail guns does or doesn't count.
  5. Star Wars. You can play this movie drinking game with one of the films, or all of them, or any combination you choose. Take a drink any time someone says, “The force.” Take a drink any time someone says, “The dark side.” Take two drinks any time someone says, “The dark side of the force.” Take a drink any time anyone feels something—good or bad—in, through, or because of the force. Take a drink every time someone activates a lightsaber. This one can do you in depending on which movie (or movies) you’re watching.
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