Movies About Johns Hopkins Hospital Doctors

There aren’t many movies about Johns Hopkins hospital doctors available for viewing. However, there are a couple of noteworthy standouts that delve deep into the lives and practices of Johns Hopkins doctors. These films raise the profile of the Johns Hopkins hospital and shed light on the many achievements of its doctors through the years.

  1. “Something the Lord Made” (2004). “Something the Lord Made” illustrates the amazing careers of two Johns Hopkins hospital doctors who made an incredible difference in medicine and in shattering racial stereotypes. Produced by HBO, “Something the Lord Made” stars Alan Rickman, Mos Def, Mary Stuart Masterson, and Kyra Sedwick. Rickman plays renowned surgeon Alfred Blalock, a pioneer in heart surgery. He hires Vivien Thomas (Def), who is black and expected to do clean up around Blalock’s office. Eventually, Blalock discovers that Thomas can be a gifted surgeon himself and takes him on as a medical partner. Together, the two advance medical practices that help solve Blue Baby syndrome.
  2. “Hopkins” (2008). “Hopkins” features Johns Hopkins hospital doctors fighting to save their patients’ lives in every day circumstances. It premiered as a six-part miniseries on ABC in 2008. It was billed as reality TV. Filmmakers were granted access to Johns Hopkins doctors and related staff for four months. “Hopkins” was unique from its predecessor, “Hopkins 24/7”, for featuring personal back stories about individual Johns Hopkins hospital doctors.
  3. “Hopkins 24/7” (2000). “Hopkins 24/7” was the first full-length documentary miniseries on Johns Hopkins hospital doctors to air on national TV. Spanning six episodes, “24/7” filmed Johns Hopkins doctors, staff, and students as they engaged in day-to-day business of running a hospital and treating patients with a variety of needs. Filmmakers spent over three months compiling footage that would later serve as inspiration for many of the scenarios presented in the hit TV medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy."

Johns Hopkins doctors have been on the forefront of medicine and surgery for several decades. They have made sizeable contributions to pioneering new techniques and practices to help lengthen the lives and quality of their patients. These three films can only begin to do justice to the many hardworking Johns Hopkins hospital doctors of yesterday and today.

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