Muay Thai Boxing Equipment Essentials

Looking for Muay Thai boxing equipment essentials? Muay Thai is a form of martial arts that originated in Thailand. If you are familiar with kickboxing, you will have no problem learning Muay Thai. Below you will find information about a few Muay Thai boxing equipment essentials.

  1. Gloves. Due to the nature of Muay Thai, protective gear should always be at the top of the list of equipment essentials. You will want to have at least two different pairs of gloves for Muay Thai boxing. You should have one pair of gloves for training and one pair of gloves for sparring. Sparring gloves typically feature more padding than training gloves do. When you are purchasing Muay Thai gloves, you should always try the gloves on first. There are different glove weights, so choose a weight that feels most comfortable to you.
  2. Shin Guards. The rules of Muay Thai boxing allow you to kick your opponent, so you must wear shin guards during a match. When you are purchasing shin guards for Muay Thai, you want to look for shin guards that are light in weight, yet provide enough padding to keep you safe. If you are unsure of what type of shin guards to purchase for Muay Thai, you may want to look into leather shin guards that have a padded instep.
  3. Hand Wraps. Muay Thai is no different than any other type of boxing when it comes to using your hands. While gloves will help to protect your hands, it is recommended that you wear hand wraps under the gloves for additional protection. You should wear washable hand wraps for Muay Thai training and disposable hand wraps for Muay Thai matches.
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