Muay Thai Combinations

Thai kickboxing is famous for the power of its individual strikes, but a true proficient unleashes even more  devastation through the use of Muay Thai combinations. Sometimes these combinations contain only a couple of strikes put together, or sometimes a chain of 10 strikes or more. Either way, the purpose of the combination is not simply to do damage to your opponent with each strike, but rather to set him up, open his guard and trick him into moving into position for your finishing blow.

  1. Jab, left hook, right kick. As you fire your jab followed by a quick left hook, circle to your left. Your goal for this Muay Thai combination is to make your opponent circle away from you to his left, your right. As soon as he steps and plants his weight on his left foot, pivot sharply into a hard right kick to your opponent's left leg.
  2. Jab, cross, right kick. For this combination, after throwing a quick one-two combination, leave your cross extended with your right hand in your opponent's face as a distraction. A half-beat after the cross, while your opponent is still occupied with your punches, throw a fast right kick to his leg or body under your right arm.
  3. Left inside kick, jab, cross, hook. Throw a quick snap kick to the inside of your opponent's lead leg. If fighting a southpaw, throw it to the outside of his lead leg. Step in quickly off the kick and use its momentum to snap a hard left jab into your opponent's chin. Follow up with a right cross, left hook finish.
  4. Double jab, body cross, right knee. Use a fast double jab to set up a hard right cross to your opponent's midsection for the beginning of this combination. Make sure you don't lean into the cross; bend your knees and pivot into it. After using the cross to lean your opponent forward, quickly rise back up to your normal stance, using the momentum to add power to a hard right Muay Thai knee to your opponent's chin. This can be a normal knee or a clinch knee.
  5. Double jab, right cross, right elbow. Begin with a normal one-one-two combination — two jabs followed by a right cross. Instead of circling away from your opponent after the punches, as soon as your right hand is back on your chin, step in tight to your opponent and finish with a hard diagonal right elbow. The right cross-right Muay Thai elbow transition should be very quick and smooth. You will land this combination most easily if you use the double jab cross to back your opponent into the ropes, then fire the elbow as he tries to come off them.
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