Muay Thai Conditioning Plays

Muay Thai conditioning plays are an important part of knowing Muay Thai. This is because the body has to be prepared for everything that will happen. Muay Thai focuses mainly on body conditioning for each and every fight since it is full contact. Having the right type of Muay Thai conditioning plays is essential at getting the toughness that is needed during the in ring fights.

  1. Sports conditioning is essential. Using the right amount of sports conditioning will strengthen the body but also give you endurance that you need in order to keep up during the in ring fights. Some of the sports conditioning that can be done includes resistance exercises, abdominal exercises, running, jumping rope, weight training, and even shadow boxing are all great for Mauy Thai. Resistance exercises include weight benches, exercising with rope and string, weight training is done either with a machine, bench press, or free weights. You can do many abdominal exercises that do not include machines such as sit ups or pull ups. 
  2. Applying Namman Muay to each of the Muay Thai conditioning plays is usually recommended. This is done before and after each of the conditioning plays, and calms the body down after, while also preparing the body before the conditioning. It consists of deep relaxation and heavy breathing to control your center. Stretching is incorporated to relieve pain from the muscles before and after each drill. 
  3. Muay Thai specific conditioning plays. There are actually Muay Thai conditioning plays that are specific to the Muay Thai fights. This can include pads, focus mits, sparring, and heavy bags for training purposes. A lot of times the training is done with a coach since more than one person is needed for focus mits and sparring. Focus mits are worn by one person while the other person tries to hit the moving mits. Sparring is when each player tries to hit the other player but not actually fighting as you would in a ring. Heavy bags are great for practicing kicks and punches. This conditioning is done at least three times a week, each and every week. 
  4. Fighting every other week to keep on top of your game. A lot of the fighters will fight every other week to keep up on their conditioning regimen. This is something that a lot of fighters find beneficial. This is to keep in practice, and ensure that they are getting the conditioning that they need from other methods. Fighting is also a great method for conditioning if you do it enough. 
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