Muay Thai Cone Drills

The use of Muay Thai cone drills allow you to work on speed, agility and footwork all at the same time. Cone drills should be incorporated into your regular strength and conditioning routines. These cone drills offer you a different skill set to build strength upon.

  1. Three-Cone Speed Drill. The three-cone speed drill works on sprinting speed and controlled stops. This same drill is used by NFL players to work the same muscle groups for the same results. This drill also works when testing new players to find their skill level. Set three cones up at a 90 degree angle about ten feet apart. Set yourself up in sprinter position. Sprint from cone A to cone B and back to cone A. Then sprint from cone A around cone B to cone C and back to cone A going around cone B. Perform two of these sets during your cone drills.
  2. Three-Cone Muay Thai Adaptation Drill. This brings a couple of Muay Thai moves into the drill while still using running and speed as the main factor. Run from cone A to cone B and go right into two knees then back pedal to cone A into a sprawl. Run from cone A around cone B to cone C and back to cone A passing around cone B. Perform three of these sets during your cone drills.
  3. Ten-Cone Muay Thai Cone Drill. The ten-cone Muay Thai drill takes the skill level up a notch by really forcing you to pay attention to your feet while you move through the cones. Set the ten cones up in a straight line about a foot apart. Start in a fighter's stance facing the line of cones. Move through the cones using a cross pattern step. This resembles the look and feel of a side-to-side skate move. Only have one foot on the floor at a time. Switch feet as you move through the cones. This is more about precision than speed, so work with the movement before increase the speed of the drill. 
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