Muay Thai Drills

Muay Thai drills use kickboxing skills that are a requisite for any martial arts regime. These techniques should be kept in mind while developing your drill routines. As you move through each drill keep your focus on the location of your body at all times.

To perform Muay Thai Drills, you will need:

  • Partner
  • Gymnastic mat
  • Sparring Bag or mitt
  • Shield Bag
  1. For the first Muay Thai drill, stand in front of your partner at a distance of about 3 feet. Your left leg should be forward and your knees somewhat twisted. Your partner should be in the same position. Place your full support on your left knee as you use your right foot to kick your partner’s side. Your face and chest should be protected by your arms. When your right foot hits your partner’s hip, they would grab it with their left arm. Don’t worry if it is not perfect when you start out. Your Muay Thai drill process will improve. A gymnastic mat should be used to practice this drill.
  2. Punch the sparring bag or mitt that your partner is holding while balancing your body on your left leg. You must interchange your arms and repeat numerous times in a span of two to three minutes before you take up the position mentioned in the first step.  Muay Thai drills build on each other so try to get one as perfect as possible before moving on.
  3. Attempt a range of Muay Thai drill kicks, with your partner holding a shield bag in front of their body. Kick the shield bag with a push kick. Use a lot of rigidity, alternating between the legs. The toes should point upward when the foot connects with the bag. Kick the shield bag with the top of the foot connecting to the side of the bag. Repeat this extremely fast Muay Thai kick drill 10 times. 


  • Improve force and control by alternately repeating the Muay Thai drill and push kicks.
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