Muay Thai Running Drills

There are specific Muay Thai running drills that will assist the martial artist become better. These Muay Thai running drills are simple and easy to establish. These running drills can be done solo or with a partner and do not require a dojo to perform.

  1. Endurance Running: This drill is based solely in running for distance. Running does many things for the Muay Thai fighter. Endurance running will fine tune the cardiovascular system and tone muscle. Endurance running drills are built ion distance. A fit Muay Thai fighter should be able to run five miles without much effort. These long runs will do much for your over all conditioning and fight preparation.
  2. Sprints (Suicides): No one’s favorite running drill but a great condition drill for Muay Thai fighters. Set up touch lines fifty yards apart. The drill is simple, sprint from one touch line to the other. Run in a sprint back and forth between touch lines. At the end of each rotation hit the ground and do ten to twenty push ups to splint the monotony of the suicides and work in other muscle groups.
  3. Running While Jumping Rope: This multi-skill running drill requires balance, concentration and conditioning. For the Muay Thai fighter all these are important with the added bonus of working footwork and agility. This is not a complicated drill if you possess coordination. Set-up you’re running area, this can be a circle or straight-line but allow at least fifty yards. Run forward as you jump rope, the better you become the faster you can run. At some point fold in running backwards as you jump rope. This routine should cover at least one thousand jumps per repetition.
  4. Ring Savvy Running Drill: This drill will incorporate movement in forward, backward and lateral movement as you might see in the ring (or octagon). Run forward five steps, and then back the same. Move laterally as many steps in both directions. In this running drill you can include strikes or kicks at the end of each five paces you take. Mix it up and keep constant movement for three minutes, five minutes as you progress.
  5. Resistance Running: The final running drill requires a prop. This can either be a runner’s parachute, resistance band of a heavy but mobile object such as a football sled. The idea here is to tie the Muay Thai fighter with the resistance and sprint forward for as long as possible. This is a great endurance builder but more importantly will aid balance, strength and agility of the fighter. This should be a part of your routine at elast twice a week.
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