Muay Thai Sparring Drills

Understanding Muay Thai sparring drills means understanding the art of Muay Thai. Sparring is a valuable tool for learning and understanding yourself and the art of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a highly disciplined marital art that requires keen concentration, control and self awareness. This article will bring you some sparring concepts and discipline needed for a successful s Muay Thai sparring session.

To practice Muay Thai sparring drills, you will need:

  • Sparring partner (near same skill level)
  • Full guard padding (not required but depending on level may be a good idea)
  • Muay Thai ring (or someplace with adequate space to spar)
  1. Drills for Muay Thai sparring are based on you and your sparring partner. You can utilize the session to work specific areas or a full out sparring session. Consider the following ideas for drills to move you along in Muay Thai sparring.
  2. Kick and Catch. The idea is to spend the entire session with each opponent kicking the other while they try and catch the kick. This works a very important product for kicks known as speed and accuracy. For the catching opponent, it is about control and advantage.
  3. All hands No Feet. Just as the title suggests, in this session you will stand stationary and within punching distance and spar. You will not move your feet at anytime. This drill is all about upper body movement, accuracy of punches and anticipation. This drill will work your strikes (and elbows), accuracy, and speed of delivery. It will also provide reactionary movement based on your opponent’s attack and help train you on timing and movement.  
  4. Simply Spar. Sparring itself is the best Muay Thai drill. Working all aspects of your game against a live and willing opponent has no substitute. Working your guard as well as your striking and grappling against a live opponent will work timing, control, accuracy and ability as well as working defense, anticipation and how to take a blow. Use every sparring opportunity to its fullest.

Performing the sparring with your opponent should work all aspect for the sport. You want a partner near your level so that you can both grow and one is not dominating the other. There is nothing to gain in dominance; you want to learn the strikes and where to place them when battling an opponent. You want to utilize all that you have learned up to that moment in training.

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